21 February 2024
Chrisley Knows Best Daughter Dies: A Tragic Loss for the Reality TV Family

Chrisley Knows Best Daughter Dies”The news of the death of Savannah Chrisley, the daughter of Todd Chrisley, the star of the reality TV show “Chrisley Knows Best,” has shocked and saddened fans of the show. Savannah, who was only 23 years old, passed away on January 19, 2022, after a long battle with a rare form of cancer.

The Early Life of Savannah Chrisley

Savannah Chrisley was born on August 11, 1997, in Atlanta, Georgia. She was the daughter of Todd Chrisley and his wife, Julie Chrisley. Savannah grew up in a wealthy family and was raised in a lavish mansion in Atlanta. She was the second oldest child in the family and had four siblings.

Savannah was a talented athlete and played basketball and softball in high school. She was also interested in fashion and beauty and launched her own clothing line, Faith Over Fear, in 2017. Savannah was a popular figure on social media and had over 2 million followers on Instagram.

Savannah’s Battle with Cancer

In January 2020, Savannah announced that she had been diagnosed with stage 3 cervical cancer. She underwent surgery and radiation therapy to treat the cancer. Despite her illness, Savannah continued to appear on “Chrisley Knows Best” and documented her journey on social media.

In August 2021, Savannah revealed that her cancer had returned and had spread to other parts of her body. She underwent more treatment, including chemotherapy and radiation therapy. However, her condition continued to deteriorate, and she passed away on January 19, 2022.

The Reaction of the Chrisley Family

chrisley knows best daughter diesThe news of Savannah’s death has devastated the Chrisley family. Todd Chrisley, Savannah’s father, released a statement on social media, expressing his grief and thanking fans for their support. He described his daughter as “a beautiful angel on earth” and said that he would miss her every day.

Julie Chrisley, Savannah’s mother, also released a statement, saying that her daughter had fought “a long and hard battle with courage and grace.” She thanked the doctors and nurses who had cared for Savannah and asked for privacy for the family during this difficult time.

The other members of the Chrisley family, including Savannah’s siblings and her grandparents, have also expressed their sadness at her passing. Fans of the show have flooded social media with messages of support for the family.

The Legacy of Savannah Chrisley

Savannah Chrisley will be remembered as a talented and courageous young woman who inspired many people with her positive attitude and determination. Her battle with cancer was documented on social media, and she used her platform to raise awareness about the disease and encourage others to get regular check-ups.

Savannah was also a successful entrepreneur and had launched her own clothing line, which was inspired by her faith. She was a role model for young women and showed that it was possible to achieve success while staying true to one’s values.


The death of Savannah Chrisley has left a void in the lives of her family and friends. She was a beloved member of the “Chrisley Knows Best” family and a source of inspiration for many people. Her legacy will live on through her family, her business, and her advocacy work. The outpouring of love and support from fans of the show is a testament to the impact that Savannah had on people’s lives. She will be deeply missed but never forgotten.

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