11 June 2024
moto one fusion review

Motorola has been a prominent player in the smartphone market for years, consistently delivering devices that strike a balance between affordability and performance. The Moto One Fusion is the latest addition to their lineup, aiming to provide users with a feature-packed device without breaking the bank. In this review, we will delve into the various aspects of the Moto One Fusion, including its design, display, performance, camera capabilities, and battery life, to determine if it lives up to Motorola’s reputation.

Design and Display

Starting with the design, the Moto One Fusion sports a sleek and modern look. The device features a plastic back panel with a glossy finish, which not only adds to its aesthetic appeal but also provides a comfortable grip. The rear houses a quad-camera setup, accompanied by a fingerprint sensor for added security.

Moving on to the display, the Moto One Fusion boasts a 6.5-inch IPS LCD panel with a resolution of 1600 x 720 pixels. While the resolution might seem lower compared to some of its competitors, the display still offers vibrant colors and decent viewing angles. The presence of a waterdrop notch at the top ensures an immersive viewing experience, with minimal bezels on all sides.


Under the hood, the Moto One Fusion is powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 710 chipset, coupled with 4GB of RAM. This combination allows for smooth multitasking and efficient performance across various applications. Whether it’s browsing the web, streaming videos, or playing casual games, the device handles everyday tasks with ease.

In terms of storage, the Moto One Fusion offers 64GB of internal memory, which can be expanded further using a microSD card slot. This provides ample space for storing media files, apps, and games without worrying about running out of storage.

Camera Capabilities

One of the standout features of the Moto One Fusion is its camera setup. The device boasts a quad-camera system, consisting of a 48MP primary sensor, an 8MP ultra-wide-angle lens, a 5MP macro lens, and a 2MP depth sensor. This versatile setup allows users to capture stunning photos in various scenarios, from wide landscapes to detailed close-ups.

In terms of image quality, the Moto One Fusion performs admirably. The primary sensor captures sharp and well-detailed images, while the ultra-wide-angle lens expands the field of view, making it ideal for capturing group photos or scenic landscapes. The macro lens enables users to get up close and personal with their subjects, revealing intricate details that might go unnoticed otherwise. The depth sensor aids in creating impressive bokeh effects, adding a professional touch to portrait shots.

Battery Life

The Moto One Fusion packs a massive 5000mAh battery, ensuring all-day usage without the need for frequent charging. With moderate usage, the device easily lasts through a full day, making it suitable for users who heavily rely on their smartphones. Additionally, the device supports 15W fast charging, allowing for quick top-ups when needed.


The Moto One Fusion is a compelling offering from Motorola, catering to users who seek a feature-rich smartphone at an affordable price point. With its sleek design, vibrant display, efficient performance, versatile camera setup, and long-lasting battery life, the device ticks many boxes for potential buyers. While it may not compete with flagship devices in terms of raw power or display resolution, it offers a well-rounded experience that is hard to beat in its price range. If you are in the market for a budget-friendly smartphone without compromising on essential features, the Moto One Fusion is definitely worth considering.

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