16 June 2024

The Nowata Police Department plays a vital role in maintaining law and order in the community. With a dedicated team of officers and a commitment to serving and protecting the citizens, the department has earned a reputation for its professionalism and effectiveness. In this article, we will take an in-depth look at the Nowata Police Department, exploring its history, organizational structure, community engagement efforts, and the challenges it faces in ensuring the safety and security of the residents.

History and Organizational Structure

Established in 1904, the Nowata Police Department has a long-standing history of serving the community. Over the years, it has evolved to meet the changing needs of law enforcement. The department operates under the leadership of Chief Mike McElhaney, who brings a wealth of experience and expertise to his role. Chief McElhaney leads a team of dedicated officers who are committed to upholding the law and protecting the citizens of Nowata.

The department is organized into various divisions, each with specific responsibilities. These divisions include patrol, investigations, traffic enforcement, community outreach, and administration. The patrol division is responsible for responding to emergency calls, conducting routine patrols, and ensuring public safety. The investigations division handles criminal investigations, gathers evidence, and works closely with other law enforcement agencies to solve crimes. The traffic enforcement division focuses on enforcing traffic laws and ensuring road safety. The community outreach division engages with the community through programs and initiatives aimed at fostering positive relationships between law enforcement and residents. Lastly, the administration division provides support services such as record-keeping, budget management, and personnel management.

Community Engagement Efforts

The Nowata Police Department recognizes the importance of building strong relationships with the community it serves. Through various community engagement efforts, the department aims to foster trust, enhance communication, and address concerns and issues effectively. One such initiative is the Citizens Police Academy, where residents have the opportunity to learn about the day-to-day operations of the department and gain a deeper understanding of law enforcement practices. This program not only educates the community but also strengthens the bond between officers and citizens.

Additionally, the department actively participates in community events such as National Night Out, where officers interact with residents in a relaxed and friendly environment. These events provide an opportunity for the community to meet officers, ask questions, and voice concerns. The department also maintains a strong presence on social media platforms, using them as a tool to engage with the community, share important information, and receive feedback.

Challenges and Future Initiatives

Like any law enforcement agency, the Nowata Police Department faces its fair share of challenges. One of the primary challenges is combating drug-related crimes, which can have a significant impact on the community. The department recognizes the importance of proactive measures in addressing this issue and has implemented strategies such as increased patrols, collaboration with other agencies, and educational programs aimed at preventing drug abuse.

Another challenge is the recruitment and retention of qualified officers. The department actively seeks to attract individuals who are committed to serving the community and upholding the highest standards of professionalism. Efforts are underway to enhance recruitment strategies and offer competitive compensation packages to attract and retain top talent.

In terms of future initiatives, the Nowata Police Department is exploring the implementation of technology-driven solutions to enhance efficiency and effectiveness. This includes utilizing data analytics to identify crime patterns, improving communication systems, and adopting innovative tools for investigations. By embracing technology, the department aims to stay ahead of emerging trends in criminal activity and better serve the community.


The Nowata Police Department is an integral part of the community, working tirelessly to ensure the safety and security of its residents. With a strong organizational structure, dedicated officers, and a commitment to community engagement, the department continues to uphold its mission of serving and protecting. Despite the challenges it faces, the Nowata Police Department remains steadfast in its pursuit of excellence, constantly evolving to meet the needs of a changing society. Through its proactive approach and commitment to community partnerships, the department strives to create a safer and more secure environment for all.

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